I was born in Czechoslovakia to parents who survived the

Holocaust. My parents had less than half a dozen photos left

after World War II. That fact had a strong impact on my life.

Photos are a vital documentation of our experiences, our

culture, our history and most importantly our memories.

Ever since I came to America in 1958, I have been

intrigued by the capturing of memories and moments in

time on film. 

Freezing images in an artistic and expressive way, recording

and preserving memories, telling a story and sharing it with

others; all of these are a deep passion of mine. Beauty is all

around me waiting to be captured. Translating this beauty

into an image brings me much fulfillment and satisfaction. 

As a result of what happened to the Jewish people in the

past decades, I feel challenged to show others who my

people are – their culture, their religion, their expressions.

I deeply love the land of Israel and look for ways to present

both ancient and modern images. Through the years, I

have been fortunate to share my passion with young

people. Our travels to Israel and Poland allowed us to

photograph our experiences and create our own memories.

My own travels to the Soviet Union, Europe, China, Brazil,

Lebanon and of course the United States and Israel has

allowed me to do what I love best: share moments in time.